New offer - CEUNSP: Centro Universitário N.Sra do Patrocínio!

11/01/2019, 20:18  


CEUNSP: Centro Universitário N.Sra do Patrocínio - Selective process 2019!

Centro Universitário Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio is a private higher education institution located in the interior of São Paulo, known as CEUNSP.

Pioneering is a recurring word when it comes to CEUNSP. In addition to being responsible for the first faculties in the cities of Salto and Itu, the institution was the first to launch a course of Administration in both cities.

CEUNSP is also the largest private investor in Education in the Region of Itu and Salto, attracting 15,000 students from 150 cities in 15 Brazilian states, creating jobs and contributing to the development of dozens of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the city of Salto, the institution is among the ten most employed, among all sectors of the economy.


Come and enjoy!

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