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14/01/2019, 16:53  


Óticas de Sá was born with the commitment of offering quality and excellence in service delivery.
Selecting products that cater to all tastes, always cherishing the eyes health.
The central idea is above all, take care of the vision. Amid a market that consumes beauty, the concern with visual health was the pillar for the company's emergence in 2013.
Always cherishing the personalized service and the experience of who knows everything about conventional, digital and free-form lenses. Óticas de Sá soon has gained space in the heart of the city.
Óticas de Sá has gathered a repertoire of great brands. They are lenses, frames, solar panels and a lot of accessories. Eye health is treated very seriously and, of course, without leaving the beauty aside.
New, modern and safe. This is the Ótica de Sá, where the mission is bringing health to the eyes.

  • Geo: Brazil;
  • 7% commision of confirmed purchase;
  • Available materials.
Come and enjoy!

Offer: Óticas de Sá - Glasses

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