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About the company: is a large online store, distributing organic food, BIO supplements and household products. The store features products of leading manufacturers from the USA and Europe, awarded with the international eco control certificates, products are made from natural, environmentally friendly components. Company was created in 2015. Today the range of the online store contains over 35,000 products and more than 1,400 brands. There are 140 million visitors per month, of which 120 thousand are unique, visit the site. For the first half of 2017, about 10 000 visitors made orders.

Products and brands:

  • Biologically active food supplements
  • Certified natural food, gluten free, no sugar, no preservatives, colors and flavors
  • Organic household cleaning products, personal hygiene products, cosmetics and perfumery
  • Organic sports nutrition
  • Superfoods
  • Products for vegetarians and vegans
  • Products for children
  • Products for animal care and eco pet food
  • Online store LifeEssence offers a full range of eco products for the whole family.

Growth dynamics of the online store statistics:

  • more than 1,400 brands
  • more than 140 thousand visitors per month
  • more than 120 thousand unique site visitors per month
  • more than 10,000 orders for the first half of 2017
Benefits for customers:
  • Authentic brands
  • Detailed product description
  • The maximum range available on the USA market
  • Free shipping on orders from 7 000 RUR
  • Transparent logistics system
  • Tracking support from purchase to delivery
  • Competent customer consultations from BIO supplement experts
  • Free consultations for people in need for solving health problems (what medicine to choose)
  • Any available payment system on Russia territory is supported
  • Utmost loyalty to the buyer ("the customer is always right")
  • Monthly update on the site for convenient and user-friendly shopping
  • Managers respond to a request after 30 seconds
  • Shipping of orders anywhere in the Russian Federation, in any town or village (our store has one of the fastest deliveries in Russia, among the stores of the same category)
  • Own courier delivery service in Moscow

1. High quality, original merchandise from America

2. Convenience of the service

Discount system:

Cumulative discount for regular customers:

Orders from 15 000 to 29 999.99 RUB get 3% discount

Orders from 30 000 RUB. up to 49 999.99 get 5% discount

Orders from 50 000 to 79 999.99 RUB get 7% discount

Orders from 80 000 to 999.99 124 RUB get 10% discount

Orders from 125 000 to 199 999.99 RUB get 12% discount

Orders from 200 000 to 249 999.99 RUB get 15% discount

Orders from 250 000 to 350 000.00 RUB get 20% discount.

Bonus points

With every order, customer is rewarded with points, number of points accrued depends on the total amount of the order, also, super bonus points may be awarded for a purchase equal to 2, 4, 8, 12 and 20 pieces of purchased items.

Promotional codes

  • For orders from 5 000 RUR there is a discount of 300 RUR.
  • For orders from 10 000 RUR there is a discount of 600 RUR.
  • For orders from 15 000 RUR there is a discount of 1 100 RUR.

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  • 22/11/2017, 16:57 Attention! Commission increase in "LifeEssence" offer for Black Friday!

    From 23rd to 26th November publisher`s commission for a paid order is 15,38%.
    Have a nice work!