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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the payment method of the future. In order to make such payments possible for all consumers with maximum convenience, Cryptopay ICO aims to connect the blockchains in the background and offer an easy-to-use interface to any of the blockchain and traditional assets. With the ICO to be conducted by the Distributor, a wide range of individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a long-term growth and success story to fundamentally change the world of payments, brokerage and banking.

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  • 30/10/2017, 18:01 CryptoPay ICO offer is paused!

    The offer is paused by advertiser`s request.

  • 16/10/2017, 13:51 Attention! CryptoPay ICO offer is launched!

    Publisher`s commission is 10% for CPS.

    Geo: worldwide

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