Airbnb Host WW
Offer Id: 12232
Aim Payment Processing PostClick Accept rate
Booked listing
Property placement on Airbnb Host by the owner will be paid 8$ fixed payout for Raw listing and 80$ for Booked listing (when a placed property is booked by the customer)
Currency: USD
Aim id: 18332 (Active)
8-80 $ maximum 60 days
30 days No data

Geo targeting:

All countries, except: China, USA (cities: Miami)


Founded in 2008, Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where people can belong when they travel by being connected to local cultures and having unique travel experiences. Its community marketplace provides access to millions of unique accommodations.

Earn money with Airbnb Host program!

Attention! Every publisher applying to Airbnb Host program needs to get pre-moderation by advertiser.

Please provide the active link to the source of future promotion. Otherwise your request will be declined.

Please be compliant with the Terms and Conditions of the program otherwise advertiser has the right to set commissions to $0 and to deactivate a publisher from the program in 72-business hours from the initial request.

Payouts from 1at of April make as follows:

Raw listing - 8$

Booked listing - 80$

  • 65days
    processing time
  • 70 mln
    users monthly
  • 300$
    Average purchase size
  • 1.5%
  • Strong brand
  • Famous service
  • Leader in segment
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Additional conditions:

By promoting Airbnb program advertiser requires use only approved content.
You'll find this by link -

Important information
Airbnb approved promotional methods include a non-incentivized display on a site owned by the Media Partner, content/text links and newsletter inclusions. If a Media Partner would like to promote Airbnb outside of these approved methods, explicit written approval from Airbnb is required

Airbnb does NOT ALLOW the following channels/methods of promotion:
•Paid Media (no direct linking to Airbnb)
•Paid Search (no direct linking to Airbnb)
•TM+ Bidding (no use of Airbnb or spelling variations of the Airbnb trademark name)
•Incentivized Traffic via Games, Websites, Apps, etc. unless written approval has been provided by AP/Airbnb team
•Bitcoin Apps/Rewards
•Sub-Networks unless written approval has been provided by Airbnb team

Traffic from China, Big Islands and Miami is not accepted.

Offer news:

  • 28/03/2019, 14:49 Attention!Conditions' improve in "Airbnb Host WW" program!

    Payout for Raw listing makes up to 8$ fix.
    Payout for Booked listing -  80$.
    Join and earn more!

  • 21/12/2018, 14:20 Attention! "Airbnb Host WW" program improves conditions!

    From today on worldwide traffic (except for China) is accepted.
    Join and earn more!

  • 06/11/2018, 13:39 Attention! New program "Airbnb Host UK, FR" is launched!

    Reward for property placement up to 80$ fix.

    Geo - UK, FR.

    Program is available on Basic tariff by individual request.

    Join and earn!

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