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Sovest' is a simple and convenient card for installments. Provided by KIWI Bank and operated with partners such as supermarkets, clothing stores, home appliances, restaurants and other retail chains. The list of partners taking "Sovest'" is constantly expanding. Only once filling out a questionnaire and received the card, you can buy in installments, when it suits you.

What Sovest' does:

  • It saves your time: you get the card once, and buy in installments, any partner products as often as you need
  • It maintains important relationships: you no longer borrow money from friends and relatives
  • It protects personal budget: you use the money without overpayments
  • It protects savings: your savings are inviolable, even if unforeseen expenses.

What is special about the "Sovest'"

"Sovest'" - is a special form of partnership of bank and trading companies in the interest of buyers. Bank earns on you, and receives fees from retailers. Because of this you buy without thinking about percentages.

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