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Beschreibung: is created to attract users with old expensive and smaller loans to try our service. Laina-apteekki will help you combine all the small loans to one bigger and cheaper loan. Get rid of the bad decisions and save money! 

Laina-apteekki is naturally responsive and with best in class conversion.


  • EMAIL TEXTS: WITHOUT pre-approval from Client, only ready-made texts can be used. (See below.)
  • Sender name/domain/subject line can’t be: or other Financial institutions.
  • Use of words such as FREE LOAN or LOANS FOR PAYMENT REMARKS or GUARANTEED LOANS are strictly forbidden.
  • UNSUBSCRIBE: All mail creatives need to contain an active “unsubscribe link”
  • When needed, the publisher need to be ready to show opt-in (URL and time stamp) of Users to the newsletter.

According to Finnish Consumer Protection Law (KSL 7:8 §) on Consumer Lending, when you are in your message stating about the terms in the loan, i.e. loan sum, loan duration or i.e. interest you always need to inform of the details stated below.

  • The interest
  • All direct costs related to the loan
  • The duration of the loan
  • The cumulative sum to pay
  • The amount of installments
  • Effective Interest Rate

Below is a text that contain all information and is also valid.

Lainaesimerkki: 10 000 € 5 vuodelle, korko 12,6 %, tod. vuosikorko 14,9 % ja avausmaksu 95 €, tilinhoitopalkkio 5 €/kk, yht. 13 958 € eli 233 €/kk.

Remember to use our BLACKLIST where any complaints from users will be registered. 

In order to make sure not to contact and target these users in advertising, it is preferred that one or more URLs are set up in the system, that can be automatically called whenever a user get blacklisted. This will ensure that the user gets removed from your mailing lists etc. And makes the use of manually removing the user, e.g. via email communication, obsolete.

  • 30Tage
    processing time
  • 500K
    users monthly
  • CPL€
    Average purchase size
  • 2%
  • best in class conversion
  • four phased application
  • best service
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  • 24/08/2018 um 11:59 Attention! New offer Laina-Apteekki is launched.

    Attention! New offer Laina-Apteekki  is launched.

    Publisher's payout is 19,23 EUR for CPL (accepted application). 

    The offer is avaliable on basic rate.

    Gео: FI

    Join and earn!