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Polaroid! A brand that at its core represents analog instant photography and which has warmed the hearts of people all over the world over the past 82 years. Helping to capture so many happy memories and amazing pictures with your loved ones, the brand is always here to capture your most precious moments and express yourself in your own way. That’s why the fans of Polaroid trust and love the brand. Polaroid has been best known for instant photography, the brand has embraced products that were, and still are, in the intersection of art and science: instant film, photography and camera products. Polaroid is growing at the international level and has an important community of fans on the online channels. Are you ready? Let’s find your favorite camera to promote!

Attention! NO cashback/loyalty & coupons/vouchers!

In referring to the Polaroid brand, please, DO NOT use the brand name alone! Only in combinations with other words! 

An example of correct usage: Take beautiful Polaroid pictures with new cam!


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Polaroid Camera - 0.8-3.9% CPA rate (depending on the model)
Film Shields - 3.1% CPA rate
Not defined - 2.3% CPA rate
Cases - 2.3% CPA rate
Neckstraps - 3.1% CPA rate
Films - 3.9% CPA rate
Camera Pin Badges - 0.8% CPA rate
Lens Filter Set - 2.3% CPA rate
T-Shirts - 5.4-8% CPA rate (depending on the size)
Beanies - 8% CPA rate
Polaroid Photo Albums - 2.3% CPA rate
Polaroid Photo Stand - 2.3% CPA rate
Polaroid Camera Straps Flat/Round - 3.1% CPA rate

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    Attention! No cashback/loyalty & coupons/vouchers!

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    CPA - 0.8-8% (depending on the category of the product - see offer description for more details)

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