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Paid order (incl. mobile) - 4.6% (up to 6.7% depending on the revenue amount - see the offer description)
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30 days 100%


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As parents, we want all the best for our families. PatPat is using the latest social networking and big data technologies to constantly improve our shopping experience. In addition to delivering great daily deals, we are also dedicated to our shoppers' satisfaction. In fact, we're using the latest social network and big data technologies so we can forever improve the online shopping experience. From the moment you begin browsing PatPat to your first delivery, we care. That's why we've adopted a rigorous three-step system to ensure each and every order meets our high quality and safety standards.

Dear publishers! Please, make sure to specify how you're going to promote the offer and provide the link to your web-site.

5% of sale amount
5.4% of sale amount
6.2% of sale amount
6.7% of sale amount

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    processing time
  • 3.6M
    users monthly
  • 50$
    Average purchase size
  • 1.2%
  • Cute, Quality, Great Price
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $35.00
  • Free Refund 30 Days
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  • 29/08/2022 um 14:56 Delays in displaying the statistics


    At the moment, we have delays in displaying the statistics due to technical problems.

    Everything will be fixed, and the statistics will be fully loaded in the nearest future.

  • 26/03/2021 um 13:10 Attention! New traffic restrictions for PatPat!

    All mobile traffic is now prohibitted by the advertiser. Make sure to use other means of promotion.

  • 17/03/2021 um 12:57 Attention! PatPat_WW Live Again!

    PatPat_WW is live again.

    CPA is now 4.6% for paid order.

    Please, make sure to update the links!

    Join & earn!

  • 20/02/2021 um 11:35 Attention! PatPat_WW Suspended!

    PatPat_WW has been temporarilly suspended by the advertiser's request. 

    Please, stop all the traffic ASAP for now.

    The offer will be back live next week. We'll let you know once it happens!

    Sorry for any caused inconvenience and stay tuned for updates!

  • 17/12/2020 um 17:50 Attention! New Promotions at PatPat!

    Check out new Christmas and New Year promotions at PatPat! Increase your sales by using them.

    Also note new longterm promotions, which were added as well (actill till May 31st).

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  • 12/11/2020 um 00:54 Attention! New Pre-Black Friday and Christmas Sale Banners for PatPat_WW!

    Check out new banners added to PatPat specially for the high sale season! Start using them in work today!

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  • 06/11/2020 um 02:52 Attention! New Promotions at PatPat!

    Check out new promotions for PatPat!

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  • 12/10/2020 um 20:05 Attention! Bonus Opportunity at PatPat + New Banners!

    Dear publishers! For the publishers who start the traffic for the PatPat campaign before October 15th a bonus system will be in tact! See the details below:

    Sales(US$)Bonus (US$)
    Also check out new banners added to the offer!

    Join now and earn even more!

  • 01/10/2020 um 17:01 Attention! New Promotions for PatPat_WW!

    Check out new promotions added to PatPat!

    Feel free to use in promoting the offer.

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  • 30/09/2020 um 16:19 Attention! PatPat_WW Live Now + Exclusive Adpump Coupons!

    New programm PatPat_WW has been launched.

    GEO - WW

    CPA - 3.8-4.6%

    Also, check out the promotions live with the offer including two exclusive coupons for Adpump for orders over $69 and $99!

    Join & earn!

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