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Uppbeat is a pioneering music platform for YouTubers & content creators. Headquartered in Leeds, UK, Uppbeat launched in 2021 with a curated catalog of the best copyright-free music & now helps 1M+ creators soundtrack their content worldwide.

Uppbeat is looking for the audience that is relevant to music brand, i.e. produce content and require music and sound effects.

Top GEOs: Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland

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  • Download the best copyright-free music for YouTube, TikTok.
  • Soundtracks for streaming, social media, podcasts and more.
  • Create a free account & start downloading for free now.
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Numeric1 refers to the quantity of subscription payments made by a customer. The above payout groups are configured so that partners can earn from a maximum of 12 months of subscription payments.

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Item SKU contains UBPRSBMN – A monthly subscription to Uppbeat Premium

Item SKU contains UBPRSBAN – An annual subscription to Uppbeat Premium

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Social Influencer, Media Arbitrage, Content/Reviews, Commerce Solution, Cross Audience Monetization

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  • 21/12/2023 um 14:27 Attention! 'UPPBEAT_WW' program is suspended

    The program is suspended on an indefinite period. 
    Please direct your traffic to other offers.