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DJI is the leader in developing and manufacturing innovative drone and camera technology for commercial and recreational use. In consumer drones, DJI has well over 70% of the global market. In 2006 DJI was founded by a group of people with a passion for remote-controlled helicopters and experts in flight-control technology and camera stabilization. 
The company is dedicated to making aerial photography and film-making equipment and platforms more reliable and easier to use for creators and innovators around the world. DJI has global operations that currently span North America, Europe, and Asia and its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by customers in over 100 countries for applications in film, advertising, construction, fire fighting, farming, and many other industries.

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  • 16/07/2019 um 13:44 Attention! Commission change at

    From now on the commission is 2.55%

  • 28/03/2018 um 11:51 Attention! Increase of publishers' rewards in DJI.COM program!

    From 2018-03-28 to 2018-04-11 publishers' reward will be 5.6%.

    Join and earn!

  • 19/03/2018 um 13:56 Attention! Changes in DJI.COM program!

    Traffic from Coupon/Deals sites and Loyalty/Cashback is prohibited. Email newsletters must be signed off by DJI.
    Please consider it in your work.

  • 06/02/2018 um 17:33 Attention! DJI.COM program is active!

    Publisher`s commission is 4.25%.
    Geo: WW except RU.
    Join and earn!

  • 06/02/2018 um 17:21 Attention! DJI WW program is active!

    Publisher`s commission is 4.25%.
    Join and earn!

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