MAMSY - goods for children.
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Mamsy - the first discount club of stylish and high quality brand goods for mothers, children and kids for exclusive prices with discounts up to 70%. 

Daily Mamsy helps modern mother to make shopping and save money.Any place and any time. Only the most interesting and fashionable goods for children with discounts up to 75%. More than 3000 inew arrivals and last collections at the best prices: Reima, Luvable Friends, La Bateau Des Petits, Columbia, Pepp's Mumps, Sylvanian Families, LORI and more than 700 other popular brands right here to catch.
All brans goods offered for sale in the club — are only from the official distributors of these brands.
Mamsy benefits:
  • guarantee of best prices for sale preriod
  • daily new arrivals
  • more than 3000 brands
  • delivery across all Russia
  • different payment methods
  • return guarantee
  • quality assurance
Benefits of the Partner program: 
  • High recognition of Mamsy brand;
  • High loyalty of target audience and high coefficient of repeated purchases;
  • Constant deals for partners to increase earnings;
  • Regular updating of beautiful banners;
  • Regular updating of coupons and discounts.
Rules of the program:
  • All promotions shall be made in unique style contain a logo of the company, corporate colors and corporate font
  • When promoting it is necessary to consider features of TA of the company (family women with children from 23 to 45 years)
It is forbidden to place promotions that mislead consumers, exactly:
  • mention a discount on the promo code if there is no such discount (the relevance of the promo code is previously agreed with the advertiser);
  • advertise out-of-date promotions (those that have already ended and are not active at the moment);
  • publish advertising materials on behalf of MAMSY;
  • publish low prices;
  • advertise products (use photos, videos, or text content) that are not selling in the online store (for example, strollers, sun loungers, louboutins, LEGO, etc.).
It is forbidden to create groups in social networks from MAMSY brand. This has a negative impact on brand loyalty. And the creation of mirrors and domain with the same name ruining positions in indexing.
It is forbidden to use the advertiser's official sources (forums, groups, blogs, etc.) as advertising platforms, as well as to create MAMSY clone groups in social networks and clone sites with a similar interface.
It is forbidden to use domains with the words "Mamsy", "Mamsi" and similar.
It is forbidden to send e-mail, sms and mms messages on behalf of MAMSY
Context-advertising is strictly prohibited on the MAMSY / MAMSI / VFVSY brand is strictly prohibited, and it is also prohibited to use the Reima and LASSIE brand queries in any spellings, including those with errors.
When using the YouTube channel, advertising should not come on behalf of MAMSY, but from the channel as a representation of the project at home. Important! you can't use spam or motivated ads.
Any other advertising activity that may misinform the user is prohibited.
It is forbidden to connect promocode / coupon sites without prior approval.

ATTENTION! When testing an offer, you must add a comment " TEST! do not send" in questions to the order.

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  • 17/04/2018 um 12:14 Attention! The work of MAMSY resumed

    Attention! From now on, the MAMSY dealership resumed. 
    The offer is available at Super tariff. 
    Connect and earn.

  • 06/04/2015 um 15:17 Attention! Offer "MAMSY - goods for children" is relaunched.

    The problems were solved. Have a nice work!

  • 06/04/2015 um 12:47 Immediately pause traffic to offer "MAMSY - goods for children".

    Due to technical problems on the side of the advertiser please temporary stop the traffic. There will be notification after troubleshooting. 

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