Top Shop - Unique products for family and home
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Top Shop - Unique products for families at home! Online Shop Top Shop offers to buy unique products that make life easier and get rid of many problems!
Internet-shop Top Shop is part of the international holding company Studio Moderna Group, on a par with the thematic TV channels remote sales TOP SHOP TV and TV Mall and a network of retail stores of the same name Top Shop.
Today Top Shop - it's well-known brand sales of interesting and original products. Thousands of customers use the services on a daily basis, to please yourself and your loved ones some nice shopping. Range - it is primarily the unique products of their own brands: Dormeo, Delimano and Kosmodisk. All products are certified!
Partner Program Benefits:
Reliable, stable business partner:
20 years of successful work in the market of 21 countries in Eastern and Central Europe;
10 years of experience in the Russian market.
Wide range of products, excellent prices and long-term warranty on the entire range of goods supplied:
The flexible system of discounts and special prices;
provides warranty and post-warranty service;
any forms of payment (cash, bank transfer).
Wide range of services for the preparation and delivery of the goods:
preparation of goods for transportation;
the presence of a warehouse near the Ring Road allows customers to avoid wasting time when traveling to Moscow;
assists in the organization of the delivery of goods to the regions.
Commission webmasters depending on the type of product and the type of reference:
Megazhanr Permalink general reference
Delimano - products for the kitchen 13.00% 6.50%
Dormeo - household goods 13.00% 6.50%
Kosmodisk - health back 13.00% 6.50%
TV Products 13.00% 6.50%
Walkmaxx - comfortable shoes 13.00% 6.50%
Books 6.50% 3.25%
Clothing and footwear 6.50% 1.95%
Sporting Goods 5.85% 1.30%
Goods for children 5.85% 1.30%
Car Supplies 5.85% 1.30%
Sporting Goods 5.85% 1.30%
Tourism and leisure 5.85% 1.30%
Cottage, garden, kitchen garden 3.90% 1.30%
Health and Beauty 3.90% 1.30%
Souvenirs. Goods for holiday 3.90% 1.30%
Hobbies and Leisure 3.90% 0.65%
Electronics 3.25% 1.30%
Homeware 3.25% 1.30%
Household Appliances 1.95% 0.65%

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Warning! Ban on contextual advertising on brand includes the use of any variations of the name brand Top Shop (Rus / Eng.), As well as brands Dormeo, Delimano, Kosmodisk, Walkmaxx, Shark, LiveActive (Rus / Eng.)

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  • 18/12/2018 um 17:25 Attention! New promotion in "Top Shop" offer!

    Discounts up to 80%! The term of the action is 12/31/18. Details in the promotion section.

  • 12/11/2018 um 15:19 Attention! Promotion for webmasters from the offer "Top Shop"!

    From 12/11/2018 to 11/26/2018, the offer raises the reward on the TV products category by a direct link to 16%! Details in the description of the offer. We wish you successful work!

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