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Online Sale: 0.8-1.5% Item Category is 10101 -0.8% Item Category is 10001 - 1.15% All Other - 1.5%
Currency: USD
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0.8-1.5 % maximum 45 days
30 days No data

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Ticketmaster is recognised as the market leader in ticketing, the business is constantly investing in technology innovation and has a commitment to deliver world-class service across the entertainment ticketing sector. 

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The commission for Item SKU is 3789, Item SKU is 3803 and  Item SKU is 5623 is not payable.

  • 30days
    processing time
  • 2.2M
    users monthly
  • 50€
    Average purchase size
  • 5%
  • Safe, easy and worry-free ticket buying
  • No-Hassle Exchanges
  • 3-Day Return Policy
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