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Identity Guard is an identity theft protection service based in Chantilly, Virginia. The service offers several different identity theft protection products to help consumers protect themselves from identity fraud and misuse.

Always working for you.

Twenty years ago, your identity was your name and your social security number. Today it’s a complex web made up of hundreds of digital pieces we share on a daily basis.

This is where IBM Watson® Artificial Intelligence comes in. Watson is highly intelligent, knows exactly what to look for, and is tireless – constantly scrubbing, constantly scanning.

  • 60days
    processing time
  • 350000
    users monthly
  • 42$
    Average purchase size
  • 1.2%
  • The most powerful, comprehensive identity theft protection.
  • Protect yourself in 5 easy steps
  • Get protection now
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    Identity Guard_US has been suspended due to the advertiser's request, please stop all the traffic.

  • 23/05/2023, 10:45 New Rate for Identity Guard_US

    Identity Guard_US has changed the CPA.

    New rate is $92 for a trial or subscription.

    Dates: May 22 – onwards

  • 04/02/2020, 12:21 New offer Idenity Guard_US is live!

    Geo: US
    CPA: 15-61$

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