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We are candy lovers who find, curate, and deliver the world’s best candies to your door. We partner with small artisans and famed candy producers so that our members can enjoy an amazing variety of exceptional candies every month.

We aren’t just about discovering sweets. It’s about being sweet. We donate 2% of the proceeds of every box we sell to help The Birthday Party Project host monthly birthday parties for children at homeless and transitional living facilities across the country.

Candy Club is currently available for delivery within the contiguous United States. (We do not currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories, nor any international locations).

  • 50days
    processing time
  • 86000
    users monthly
  • 30$
    Average purchase size
  • 1.2%
  • Enjoy A Unique Taste Adventure Every Month
  • Live Sweetly
  • It’s like Christmas every month!
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  • 08/02/2024, 23:20 CANDY CLUB_US IS SUSPENDED!

    this offer CANDY CLUB_US is temporarily suspended
    Please pay attention to this when distributing traffic, but in the meantime, consider other offers on our platform for your traffic

  • 17/01/2020, 14:07 New campaign Candy Club_US is live!

    Geo: US
    CPA: 11.5-15$

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