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Paid Monthly Subscription - $13.1-23.1 (Depending on country - see details in offer description)
Currency: USD
Aim id: 19977 (Active)
ID for application: money_collected_monthly
13.1-23.1 $ maximum 40 days
30 days No data
Paid yearly subscription - $23.1-30.1 (Depending on country - see details in offer description)
Currency: USD
Aim id: 19978 (Active)
ID for application: money_collected_yearly
23.1-30.1 $ maximum 40 days
30 days No data

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Audio-based fitness workouts. Subscribers get unlimited access to thousands of workouts, with more than 30 new classes every week - in popular categories and growing.

At Aaptiv, we believe that everyone deserves personalized fitness instruction, not just the few who can afford their own personal trainer. We’re not about six-packs, thigh gaps, or so-called “beach bodies”—everybody is welcome on our beach. We help people feel the joy of moving their bodies, the satisfaction of completing a workout, the thrill of beating a personal best, and the health benefits of fitness. We embrace all paths: a morning run, a midday yoga session, an after-work gym class, or a bedtime meditation.

Commissionable actions - Start of Monthly/Yearly Paid Subscription - i.e. post-trial period payment. Trial peiod - 7 days.

CPA-rates (Monthly/Yearly):

US - $23.1/$30.1

Countries of Tier 1 (AU, CA, DE, NZ, UK, NL, SE, NO, DK, SG) - $19.3/$26.9

Countries of Tier 2 (PT, BR, MX, IT, ES, IN, ZA, PH) - $13.1/$23.1



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  • 30days
    processing time
  • 600K
    users monthly
  • 50$
    Average purchase size
  • 1.2%
  • Unlimited access to thousands of workouts
  • Join over 200K happy members
  • Take programs tailored to your fitness goals
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  • 06/07/2020, 18:39 Attention! Aaptiv offers have been launched!

    Aaptiv_WW (WEB), Aaptiv_IOS_WW and Aaptiv_Android_WW have been launched!

    GEO - WW


    WEB - $19.2 - 38.4

    iOS - $13.1 - 30.1

    Android - $7.7 - 23.1