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Towergate began its journey in 1997, and since then we have acquired over 300 specialist insurance companies that make us who we are today. Whilst Towergate may have only recently celebrated its 20th birthday, many of the companies we acquired have long and rich histories that continue to provide expertise and customer service. For instance, our medical insurance team can trace itself back over 100 years!

We work with a wide variety of professional bodies, organisations and key groups that live and breathe the values of our communities. Whether that’s in the world of business, caring professions, boats, the military or simply insurance, our relationships are there to enhance your experience with Towergate.

Our customers live and breathe the things they need to insure with us, and so do we. From knowing the difference between types of boat, to understanding your unique business, or celebrating the care industry through our annual Towergate Care Awards - we are constantly involved in our communities.

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Tradesmen Insurance - $35 per paid order

Caravan - $40 per paid order

  • 45days
    processing time
  • 151K
    users monthly
  • 35$
    Average purchase size
  • 1.2%
  • Stop searching for insurance, start finding it
  • Over 200 specialist policies designed for your businesses, properties, passions, and most things in between
  • Creating great partnerships
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