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Aim Payment Processing PostClick Accept rate
Successful Registration
Valid Registration - 4.60 GBP
Currency: GBP
Aim id: 22105 (Active)
4.60 £ maximum 60 days
30 days No data

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Description: is a reporting service, enabling our customers to access, understand and manage their Credit Report and Score.

The information used to make your Credit Report and Score is obtained from a UK Credit Reference Agency and may include details about your previous credit history. This same information may also be used by lenders and credit providers to help them make a decision on providing credit to potential borrowers.


Based on GDPR regulations Advertiser would need proof of customer consent IF required (mainly on email or push notifications). 
Publishers that are wishing to run the campaign are required to ensure the enforcement of the Terms, and in the instance they can't provide this information - Advertiser would avoid working with them.

Payout Details: £4.60 Per Successful Registration 
Payout Trigger: Customer to make a valid / successful Credit Knowledge registration
  • Full Name
  • Email Address that Customer used to register for the account
  • Mobile Number that Customer used to register for the account
  • The Post Code that Customer used when registering


  • 18+
  • Must have valid UK bank account
  • Must be UK resident 

  • 60days
    processing time
  • 50К
    users monthly
  • 50£
    Average purchase size
  • 2.5%
  • More than just your credit score.
  • Manage & challenge what lenders can see.
  • Try it now with a 14 day free trial.
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Additional conditions:

Traffic Exclusions: Incentive, advertising to gaming data.

Decline Reasons: All duplicates, Fakes, Hoax, Tests, Fraudulent, Under 18, registrations generated as a result of a campaign that MediaBlanket has not approved, will not be paid for, Immediate cancellations after registrations.

Recommended traffic sources:

Display, Social, Pop-up, Email, Site placement, Native, Comparison, Paid Any others can we considered, but they all have to be relevant to the campaign.