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First organized in 2003, Idefix Virtual Book Fair is a marketplace for more than 1,500 publishing houses, 100,000 different books and up tp 70% discounts. The Virtual Book Fair holds the title of Turkey's biggest book fair with the highest number of visitors in the last 3 years. It aslo is an e-book platform and an e-shop for entertainment-related goods.

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idefix, Türkiye'de kültür ürünleri denilince akla gelen ilk ve en gelişkin online yayın olmak üzere tasarlandı. 1996 yılının sonunda kuruldu. Şu an Türkiye'nin en büyük ve en yenilikçi online kitabevi olarak yayın hayatına devam etmektedir.

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  • 23/08/2017, 10:06 Attention! Commissions were increased for Modanisa WW, Idefix, D&R, Tchibo TR, Deloveroo UK offers

    Modanisa WW offer had its commission increased to 9.4% per paid order.

    Idefix - to 3.6% per paid order.

    D&R - to 2.4-3.6 per paid order.

    Tchibo TR - to 5.76% per paid order.

    Deloveroo UK - to 3.92£ per paid order.

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