Moscow Fur Company
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Kazakhstan, Russia


Moscow Fur Company is the network of fur and leather shops in Moscow, as well as an online-shop with delivery throughout Moscow, Russian regions and Kazakhstan.

The company was based on a company engaged in sales of semi-fur products for over 10 years.
The company offers clothes for women and men, among them are outwear like fur coats and waistcoats, sheepskin coats, parkas, leather jackets, raincoats, as well as headwear and accessories. Among furs presented are mink, polar fox, muton, karakul, jungle cat, nutria, rabbit, raccoon, fox.
Moscow fur company offers reasonable prices, wide audience of loyal customers, quality products, guarantee.

Advantages for customers:
• Professional personnel at the call-center and shops
• Prompt orders processing
• More than 3000 items for reasonable prices
• Online-shop works from 9 to 21 with no days off
• Home delivery or delivery to collection points, 7 transport companies as partners
• Best fit for the customer`s parameters with preliminary try on on special mannequins
• Payment after try on only, product return to courier with no charge off
• You can return the product within 14 days
• Money back guarantee

Advantages for publishers:
• Popular brand (with TV, Youtube, Yandex commercials)
• 30% of customers make more than 1 purchase
• Regular promotions and discounts, sales
• Wide range of promotion materials

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