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France, Italy, UK, USA


Holiday Lettings advertises 600,000 privately owned cottages, villas and apartments in 150+ countries worldwide.

Whatever your trip preference, or the size of your group, find rentals for you - such as cabin rentals in Gatlinburg, villas in Spain, cottages in Cape Cod, villas in France, vacation rentals in Miami and many more. 

With Holiday Lettings you're sure to find something that suits your needs: vacation rentals, cabin rentals, apartment rentals and more. Or choose from rentals with pools, cheap rentals, luxury rentals, last minute deals and even unusual properties such as castles and yacht rentals.

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  • Widest range of services
  • Vacations around the world
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  • 06/05/2020, 17:28 Attention! Holiday Lettings and Tripadvisor Rentals Suspended!

    Attention! The offers below have been suspended by the advertiser's request due to Covid-19 until furtner notice.

    We'll let you know when they're live again!

  • 29/05/2019, 14:08 Attention! New programs "Tripadvisor Rentals EU_US_UK" and "Holiday Lettings FR_IT_US_UK" are live.

    Reward for CPS up to 3.8%.

    Join and earn more!

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