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6.15 - 10.7%
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France, Germany


Omoda’s affiliate programme
Omoda offers a large range of mens and womens clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from more than 250 brands. 
From major labels to upcoming brands and Scandinavian newcomers. 
We think fashion items are more than a product. They are an experience in their own right. 
To make the experience optimum for you, in addition to high-quality and hand-picked items, we also provide the best possible service in our webshop and physical stores. 
We like to go the extra mile! We offer total outfit inspiration and love to give expert advice; it goes without saying when you have almost 150 years' experience as a retailer. 
That's why Omoda is the fashion store that loves you back.  
With 28 physical shops, the Omoda app and online shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, and Denmark Omoda is the Valhalla for 
fashion-lovers nationally and internationally.  
•	Large range: more than 250 different brands for women, men and children;  
•	Lots of inspiration: each unique item is styled into three different complete outfits, and they are then photographed on three different models;  
•	Quick delivery;  
•	100 day returns;  
•	High conversion ratio and order values;  
•	Attractive percentage commissions (up to 12%);
•	Growing international coverage;  
•	Strong name recognition both online and offline;<br>
10.7 - Private label clothing
9.2% - Private label shoes + accessories, Clothing
7.7% - Shoes and accessories
6.1% - Default CPA

  • 120days
    processing time
  • 200k
    users monthly
  • 100€
    Average purchase size
  • 1.2%
  • Strong name recognition
  • Large range of items
  • Quick delivery
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We don’t work with cashback, vouchers, discount code and loyalty publishers. Also we don’t want publishers to advertise on our brand name and private labels brands like: Omoda, Notre-V, Mazzeltov, Verton, Wysh, Ton & Ton. CSS publishers are allowed for DE and FR.