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1 % (p) maximum 45 days
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Online kids' store "Akusherstvo" offers a wide selection of products for children at attractive prices: baby furniture, bedding, car seats, strollers, bicycles; kangaroos, carrying bags; products for babies; products for hygiene and health baby: baby monitors, baby monitors, humidifiers, cosmetics for mother and baby, baby scales, diapers, first aid kits, toys, baby safety, and much more.
Benefits online store "Akusherstvo":
In one place you can buy everything you need baby.
The store offers a huge range of children's products that can satisfy the most exacting taste.
Prices and availability favorably with those of competitors.
Apart from the main store on the site is active message board, where you can sell or buy things from other users at a reduced price.
A huge amount of useful information for expectant mothers.
Opportunity to consult a doctor.
Easy system support website.
Developed forum helps to find like-minded people and answer any questions.
Partner Program Benefits online store "Akusherstvo":
  A wide range of products.
  User-friendly interface.
  Regular promotions.
The remuneration paid for the paid order.
List of top products online store "Akusherstvo" http://www.akusherstvo.ru/magaz.php?action=show_all_visits
Loyalty scale from the store for all CPA systems.
Conditions (payment webmaster):
7% <400 thousand. P.
8.5% 400 - 1000 thousand. P.
10%> of 1000 thousand. P.
+ For all retargetingovyh webmasters will be counted only selling Tagged Mixuni.
Connect only in agreement with the manager.

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Geo: all Russia, except Kaliningrad and the Terrible.

Target Audience: Women over 18 years old.

Connect only in agreement with the manager.

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  • 24/04/2020, 18:28 Please urgently pause traffic for "Акушерство" offer!

    We kindly ask you to pause the traffic due to technical issues on the advertiser`s side. You will get a notification when the problem is solved.

  • 08/04/2020, 17:21 Attention! The offer "Акушерство - Online kids' store" introduces a ban on all coupon, promotional, cashback traffic!

    Since 04/10/2020, the offer "Акушерство - Online kids' store" has prohibited all coupon, promotional, cashback traffic! Orders from 04.10.2020 on these types of traffic are not payable! Please consider this in the future direction of traffic to the offer.

  • 31/12/2019, 12:17 Attention! Change of conditions for the offer "Акушерство"!

    From 01/01/2019 change in remuneration:

    Paid order (new customer) - 6%
    Paid order (old customer) - 1%
    Paid order (new customer) _Coupons, cashback, loyalty - 5%
    Paid order (old customer) _Coupons, cashback, loyalty - 2%
    The offer has a new bonus scale! Details in the description of the offer.

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