Id de la oferta: 14207
Objetivo Pago Procesando PostClick Porcentaje de aceptación
First deposit
stakes sum should be 3 times higher than deposit amount
Moneda: RUR
Id del objetivo: 20955 (Activa)
ID para aplicación: ftd
4500 p Máximo 103 days
120 days Sin datos

Geo localización:



PinUp Casino is a modern online gambling club that has attracted attention of a number of people seeking interesting experience.

Pin-up is a close-knit team of awesome people who keep ensuring that our users get fun, rewarding, and fair player experience. We know how to create the ultimate adrenaline-packed entertainment for our users - we've been a part of this industry for 10 years.

KPI: baseline - not less than 500RU
        The amount of RD (by each player) should be equal to FD or more

  • 100días
  • 100k
    Usuarios al mes
  • 4500p
    Cesta media
  • 1.3%
  • Ставки на спорт
  • Live, Турниры
  • Много лендингов и баннеров

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