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Australia, Reino Unido, Estados Unidos


Bringing modern design and versatility to the classic waterproof boot. At the heart of our future ambitions are our core values of Authenticity, Kindness, Adventure and Happiness.

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1. Under NO circumstance should the Merry People brand be promoted on a coupon or voucher site/page (!). We reserve the right to decline all commissions from sales generated in this way unless the partner has been given explict permission via email to do so.

2. We also reserve the right to decline all commissions from sales generated on URL's that are not clearly stated in the partnership agreement or on the partners Impact profile.

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Social Influencer / Media Arbitrage (Us ONLY) / Network / Content / Reviews

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  • 17/11/2022, 01:03 FYI! MERRY PEOPLE is on Individual access from now on!

    Please note that MERRY PEOPLE_US_AU_UK is Individual access from now on by Advertiser request.

    Coupon traffic and PPC activity is not permitted.

    Available Promo Methods: Content/Reviews, Social Influencer, Network, Media Arbitrage, Network

    About brand: Merry People was founded in 2014 by Danielle Holloway to solve a problem: she needed a pair of boots that were functional, comfortable, and stylish enough to wear both on adventures outdoors and the city commute to work. Now available around the world, Merry People make versatile and modern rain boots designed to be worn all day, every day. With an extensive colorful range available in two styles (the Bobbi Boot and the Darcy Boot) and exciting collaborations set in the future, our boots are designed to inspire happiness in those who wear them.

  • 21/09/2022, 12:22 FYI! Merry People is now available for promoting in UK

    We are glad to announce that Merry People is now available for promoting in Great Britain.

    GEO: US, AU + UK

    Online Sale: 7- 9%

    For more see the offer description.

    Go for it!

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