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Australia, Canadá, Francia, Alemania, Italia, Reino Unido, Estados Unidos


Flycurvy is a curvaceous global online destination that provides today's comfortable and avant-garde fashion plus size women's clothing.

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  • 415.6K
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  • 50$
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Condiciones adicionales:

1. Please make sure that you do not bid on any Flycurvy Trademark. Trademark Paid Search bidding, Trademark Plus (TM+) keyword bidding, Direct-to-Merchant (DTM) Linking are not allowed.

Bidding on branded/trademarked terms is not allowed
Bidding on derivatives of branded/trademarked terms is not allowed
Bidding on broad-match based on branded/trademarked terms is not allowed
Direct linking (also referred to Direct-to-Merchant linking) is not allowed
Use of brand name in Display URL is not allowed

2. PPC Policy Overview

Paid keyword ads that bid on the terms relating to Flycurvy are not allowed. Those forbidden paid terms include but are not limited to Flycurvy,, or Any variations, misspellings, or alternative spellings are also prohibited. If we find any TM infringement during your promotion, the commissions you have generated will be withdrawn.

Affiliates are strictly prohibited from using any advertising method that does not funnel to Flycurvy sites such as wholesale and drop shipping.

If we find any TM/TM+ violation or malicious fraud, commissions generated will not be paid. We will ask for compensation for serious consequences or losses caused by the violation.

Popups and Click Unders, Adult, and Incentivized traffic are strictly prohibited. No commissions, leads, or payments will be given for such traffic.

3. TM+ Policy

Affiliates are not allowed to bid on Flycurvy trademark terms on any search engines.

Affiliates are not authorized to use Flycurvy's domain as the display URL in any paid search activity on any search engine (such as Google and Bing/Yahoo) or various content network sections. Alternative spellings of our domain name are also not permitted, including but not limited to,,, etc.

Flycurvy Trademark terms include all of the following and any potential misspellings not shown here:

www.Flycurvy .com
Flycurvy .com
Fly curvy
Fly. curvy
Flycurvy coupon(s)
Flycurvy promo code(s)
Flycurvy sale
Flycurvy discount
Flycurvy review

4. Additional Restriction

Affiliates should not use or include Flycurvy or anything like this (For example. Flycur, Fly-curvy, Fly.curvy, curvyfly, Fly Curvy, etc.) as the name of their social media. All names might mislead people to think that their account is an official account of Flycurvy is not allowed.

Affiliates should not use any of our trademarks, like logos to make their social media account or website look like the official one from Flycurvy.

Affiliates should not create any kind of App that might mislead people to believe that their app is a Flycurvy official App.

Flycurvy reserves the right, at any time, to review the PPC terms for changes in the way search engines operate or changes in Flycurvy's philosophy. Any changes made to the PPC terms will be announced via the Flycurvy affiliate newsletter and posted on the Flycurvy website.

Fuentes de tráfico recomendadas:

Loyalty/Rewards, Deal/Coupons, Social Influencer, Content/Reviews