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Submission+paid order Non-payable items: Per Incident Support - Workstation Player VMware InstallBuilder Enterprise Concurrent seat VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program Upgrade Fee - Standard to Advanced Basic Support/Subscription for VMware vSphere 7 Remote Office Branch Office Enterprise (25 VM pack) for 1 year
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7.6 % maximum 75 days
45 days 100%

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VMware is the trusted infrastructure provider of choice for more than 500,000 customers globally, VMware pioneered virtualization and now delivers a uniquely consist platform for cloud and business mobility.

  • 45jours
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  • 10.7M
    Usagers chaque mois
  • 30$
    Montant moyen d'achat
  • 1,2%
  • Lowest TCO, Highest Business Value
  • Vast Solution Ecosystem
  • Support & Services

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Bidding on VMware and Intel registered trademarks, misspellings, variations or any derivation thereof (including VMware.com) is strictly prohibited. Registered trademarks include both “VMware”; “VMware”; “Fusion”; “Fusion Pro”. Media Partners may bid on "VMware+coupon" or "VMware+Coupon Code" with prior written/email permission from Advertiser. Media Partner will not use direct links to any VMware site, use a registered “VMware.com” domain, or term “official site” when referring to VMware brand in search marketing. Permission to use the VMware brand, or bid on trademark+ terms, may be obtained with prior express written permission only.Publishers may only use coupons and promotional codes that are provided exclusively through the VMware Affiliate Program.

Media Partners found violating any part of this brand bidding policy risk immediate removal from the program and will not receive any outstanding commission payments.

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