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SUC (successful click): The user clicks a link on your website / blog and is redirected to ceneo.pl Then he finds a suitable offer, clicks on the website of the ceneo partner - then the commission per click is calculated.
Devise: PLN
Identifiant de l'objectif: 20506 (Active)
0.18 zl maximum 65 days
60 days 94.15%

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Ceneo - is the second largest e-commerce website in Poland, bringing together over 18,000 online stores. Every day, it makes it easier for millions of users to find products and attractive store offers. And the website was created on the basis of a price comparison website. Currently, it allows users not only to find a product available in different stores and compare its price, but also to shop in multiple stores using a virtual shopping cart.

  • 65jours
    Délai de traitement
  • 65M
    Usagers chaque mois
  • 50zl
    Montant moyen d'achat
  • 1.2%
  • Safe shopping
  • Bounty Hunters Club
  • Ceneo Outlet

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The movement can only come from Poland.
Keyword policy is closed. Any activities on Google are prohibited. In the event of abuse related to activities in Google, the entire commission generated by the publisher will be deleted.

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  • 16/12/2020 à 15:24 Attention! New program 'CENEO_PL' is live

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