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Australie , Canada , Etats-Unis


We make it easy for you to FIND WHAT YOU LOVE, trust it will fit, and come back for more, because quality and value are at the heart of all we do. And while we believe our styles, accessories, and collections are
one of a kind, we know that THEY ONLY SHINE BECAUSE OF YOU.

It may be that dress you can’t take your eyes off of. It could be the swimsuit that makes you finally feel ready for the beach. Or it could be a pair of shoes that tops off your weekend look. No matter what it is or how it moves you, WE KNOW THAT IT MATTERS.

At VENUS, we believe apparel and swimwear are empowering.

It can get you noticed for A LOOK THAT’S UNIQUELY YOURS. Set the tempo for your day. Help you conquer the task. Make you feel your best. And your best is what we want to bring out. We celebrate what makes you you by creating collections that reflect the trends and our times.

By helping you TELL YOUR STORY through fashion, swimwear, and accessories that are unique, unexpected, and inspiring to people around you.


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