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Objectif Paiement En cours de traitement Post-clic Pourcentage d'acceptation
Qualification of a previous deposit CPA = EUR 6.3 - 1114 (see details in the offer's description)
Devise: EUR
Identifiant de l'objectif: 20478 (Active)
6.3-1114 € maximum 55 days
30 days Aucune donnée

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Bengladesh , Brésil, Chine , Inde , Indonésie , Japon , Philippines , Singapour , Thaïlande , République de Corée , Viêt-Nam


The Exness Group was founded by a group of like-minded professionals in the area of finance and information technology in 2008.

In the past few years the Exness Group has developed at an impressive rate, and is recognized today as an industry leader. By December 2019, our clients' monthly trading volume reached 325.8 billion USD and our active traders around the world surpassed 72,721. Currently the Exness Group offers a wide range of financial instruments, including currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, energies, indices, and stocks.

FTD (First Time Deposit)

FTD = $2 - 29, CPA = $7.7 - 38.5

FTD = $30 - 149, CPA = $23.1 - 484.6

FTD = $150 - 599, CPA = $77 - 630

FTD = $600+, CPA = $369.3 - 1361.5

All the rates depend on the country and platform (WEB, Android, iOS)





  • 45jours
    Délai de traitement
  • 3.4M
    Usagers chaque mois
  • 50€
    Montant moyen d'achat
  • 1.2%
  • Take Control of Your Trading
  • Stable Spreads & Execution
  • Instant Automated Withdrawals

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  • 22/01/2021 à 16:56 Attention! New Landing for Exness_WW!

    New landing is available for Exness_WW - mobile link for Android, check it out!

    Join & earn!

  • 22/01/2021 à 13:37 Attention! Bonuses available for Exness_WW!

    Dear publishers,

    The bonus of $385 will be available for each source of the publisher under the following conditions:

    - Webmaster needs to start sending traffic before the end of January;
    - Webmaster needs to get their first approved commission by the end of February;
    - $385 bonus will be paid on top of the first approved commission, provided that there is no confirmed fraud from this specific webmaster.
    - Bonus will be offered only to specific source IDs which you need to send to me via email during January.
    Send your requests for the offer and start the traffic now!

  • 28/12/2020 à 21:45 Attention! Exness_WW Live Now!

    Exness_WW has been launched.

    GEO - WW (with exceptions, see more details in description)

    CPA - EUR 6.3 - 1114

    The offer is available on Basic tariff by Indivudual request.

    Join & earn!

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