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Στόχος Πληρωμή Επεξεργασία Postclick Ποσοστό έγκρισης
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Στόχοι ID: 19882 (Ενεργή)
1.1 € μέγιστο όριο 60 days
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Targeted user: Male 18+

Allowed Promotional Methods:
Search advertising (with key words restrictions)
Web Display
Email traffic (opt-in email list only)
Social networks advertising
Social networks Apps
In Apps Advertising
Pop Under Advertising
Adult Traffic

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  • 500K
    users monthly
  • 25€
    Average purchase size
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Restricted Promotional Methods:

Chat room Traffic;
Torrent Traffic;
Brokering Offers;
Incentive Traffic;
SMS traffic;
Push – advertising;
Toolbar – advertising;
Viral Traffic;
Non-Valid Leads: Advertiser may chargeback any non-valid leads. This includes, but is not limited to, leads generated by any device, program, or robot, manually created leads with the direct intent to artificially inflate commissions payable to the affiliate, leads with suspicious usernames or email addresses, female leads, leads with similar IP-addresses, and IP-addresses from countries other than the country advertised in the offer. This also includes any publisher that misrepresents the offer using terms including but not limited to “local dating, girls in your area, sexual hookups, local milfs, sugarmoms, etc”

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  • 28/04/2020 σε 18:55 Attention! New program iFicken_DE' is launched

    Geo: Germany

    CPL: 1.1 €

    Th offer is available on basic tariff by individual request.

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