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Αργεντινή, Βολιβία, Χιλή, Κολομβία, Κόστα Ρίκα, Κούβα, Δομινικανή Δημοκρατία, Εκουαδόρ, Γουατεμάλα, Αϊτή, Ονδούρα, Μεξικό, Νικαράγουα, Παναμάς, Παραγουάη, Περού, Πορτογαλία, Πουέρτο Ρίκο, Σαλβαδόρ, Ισπανία, Ουρουγουάη, Βενεζουέλα


Farfetch exists for the love of fashion. We believe in empowering individuality. Our mission is to be the global technology platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers. 
We operate the only truly global luxury digital marketplace at scale where lovers of fashion anywhere in the world can shop for an unrivalled range of incredible products from the world’s best brands and boutiques.
We have over 2,900 brands available on our marketplace, ranging from heritage brands to emerging designers. Our consumers can shop across categories including Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear, Vintage, Fine Watches and Fine Jewelry.
*Attention! Note, that Brasil is not available for promotion at the moment!
- Only cashback/loyalty and coupon traffic are allowed!
- Advertiser pre-moderation. Please, attach working links to your request, otherwise it will be declined.
- Gucci/Fendi/Marla Aaron/Foundrae + Cashback 0% CPA
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  • 1.8%
  • Global platform for luxury fashion
  • Free shipping
  • 10% off for the first order
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  • 16/06/2022 σε 23:47 Attention! Farfetch_LATAM*, ES, PT(Cashback Voucher) is live again!

    Farfetch_LATAM*, ES, PT(Cashback Voucher)  is live again.

    GEO - LATAM*, PT, ES

    CPS - 0 - 1.5%

    Join & earn!

  • 31/01/2022 σε 12:35 Attention! Farfetch _LATAM*, PT, ES (Cashback/Voucher) Live!

    New program Farfetch _LATAM*, PT, ES (Cashback/Voucher) has been launched.

    GEO - LATAM (except for Brasil), PT, ES

    CPS - 0-1.5%

    The offer is available on Basic level by Individual request.

    Join & earn!

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