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Chain of actions is the must: Registration->Payment Details Submision -> First course purchase -> On-going Subscription Payment details submission -> - EUR 7.7
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7.7 € maximum 75 days
30 days 100%


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Shaw Academy is the worlds largest interactive online platform delivering great education, accessibly and affordably, to everyone. Available courses include Marketing, Leadership, Photography, Nutrition & Fitness, Beauty, Graphic Design and more.

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  • 17/06/2020-n 20:26kor Attention! CPA-rate Change at Shaw Academy_US!

    Shaw Academy has changed their commisiions:

    CPA - First Payment Received - EUR 9.2

    All the other actions are not commisionable anymore.

    Join & earn!

  • 10/02/2020-n 10:26kor Shaw Academy CPA Increase

    The CPA-rate has been temporarily increased till February 17th up to EUR 5.5.

    Join and earn!

  • 11/12/2019-n 14:00kor Attention! New commission terms for Shaw Academy_WW!

    The advertiser has changed the terms for the campaign. You will be paid €3.85 CPL for every user who submit their credit card details. Previously the commisionable CPL was the first purchase of the course.

    • Shaw Academy customers submit their card details immediately after registering their email address while the conversion to paying customers happens about a month later
    Therefore now you get a higher chance of getting more conversions!
    The CPa increase will be valid to 31st January. If the advertiser is sattisfied with the result they will make this rate a constanta.
    Join and earn!

  • 28/11/2019-n 15:19kor Attention! Shaw Academy_WW is launched!

    New programm Academy Shaw_WW has been launched.

    GEO - WW

    CPS - EUR 10.7

    The offer is available on Basic tariff by individual request!

    Join and earn!

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