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Ukrajna (except: Donyeck, Donyecki terület, Luhanszk, Luhanszki terület)


It is forbidden to use any promotional codes which are not specified in offer!

A coupon and coupon aggregators are allowed to use only shares from the main page of website!

Online-store ™ is the most popular electronics and home appliances store in Ukraine for today. More than 10 million users of the site.
Target audience and geography
Women and men aged 23 to 45 years old
Advantages for customers
  • Convenient delivery to all regions
  • Only certified equipment
  • A variety of goods
  • Quality assurance
Benefits for webmasters
  • 145000 goods available to purchase
  • Lots of different categories
  • High brand awareness

When setting up an offer, each webmaster must FILL in SUBID #1, where you need to specify the real source of traffic, according to the following types:
  • cash back
  • content-coupons, discounts, promo codes, promotions, etc
  • context
  • banner
  • teaser
  • youtube
  • social-traffic from social networks.networks
  • homepage-for traffic from browser bookmarks
If this parameter is not filled in correctly, the advertiser reserves the right to reject leads.

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