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Canada, Gran Bretagna


Canadian Affair is the UK's largest Tour Operator to Canada offering high quality low cost flights and holidays.

Flights are available to 7 exciting destinations: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver (routes very between airports).

  • Commissions are paid only if a conversion occurs on the intended site. As such, a user leaving the Canadian Affair site to complete a booking on Air Transat's own site will not be eligible for a commission.

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  • Low cost flights
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  • Largest Tour Operator to Canada

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  • {data} , {ora} Attention! Commission increase in program "Canadian Affair UK CA"!

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    Available till the end of February 19.
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  • {data} , {ora} Attention! New program "Canadian Affair UK CA" has been launched!

    Reward for paid order makes 1.6%.
    Geo - UK, Canada.
    Program is available on Basic tariff by individual request.
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