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OCU is independence, influence and utility. We defend your rights as a consumer and together we create a transparent and fair consumer society. We offer you objective and truthful information to make the best consumption decisions.

OCU has already an official Facebook and Twitter page, affiliates cannot create a page with the clients brand name. And they can’t create a new profile of any other social site with OCU name (i.e. Pinterest or Instagram).

It is forbidden to encourage leads with any kind of contest/raffle or with a payment gift (i.e. if you try this tool you will enter the draw for a 20€ voucher)

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  • Defense of consumers' interests and rights!
  • Price and service comparison!
  • OCU gives voice to consumers' concerns!

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NO Adult content sites
NO Political sites
NO Racist or extremist sites
NO sites promoting or displaying violence
NO Peer 2 peer sites (illegal downloads)
NO Images Sharing Sites
NO Link farms
NO Sites, site owners or companies that have been identified as doubtful

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  • {data} , {ora} Attention! New program OCU _ES is launched

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    Program is available on basic tarrif by individual request.

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