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Almost none of us have the time to read everything we’d like to read. Yet we lose countless hours to activities that bring us little joy such as commuting, chores and staring at our phones. What if we could turn these little blocks of unallocated time into precious and rewarding moments for learning and reflection? Founded in 2012 by four friends, Blinkist now connects 6-million readers worldwide to the biggest ideas from bestselling nonfiction via 15-minute audio and text. So what makes us tick?

Creating a meaningful product
To help people integrate fresh and relevant ideas into their busy lives, we created a new format—the book-in-blinks. You get the key insights from a nonfiction book in just 15-minutes, in text or audio to fit the different parts of your day.
Humans before algorithms
We collaborate directly with authors as well as combing bestseller lists, new releases and recommendations to find the most intriguing books, which our expert readers distill into short Blinks, fact-checked and quality assured by Blinkist editors.

Constant discovery
So far we’ve Blinked more than 3,000 books, covering everything from psychology and management to philosophy and mindfulness, with new titles added every day. We’re forever finding fresh ways to help people discover authors, connect topics and expand their world. 

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