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Default rate : 1.5 % Not all actions are commissionable
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1.5 % massimo 90 days
2 days 5.96%

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Canada, USA


Avis runs one of the world’s best-known car rental brands, give your website visitors access to Avis’s worldwide coverage of over 5,000 rental locations in more than 165 countries by joining the Avis Affiliate Program.
Default rate CPS is 1.5% (+booking with required commissionable IATA usage)

  • Commission for bookings with non-commissionable IATA Code - 6512376 - IATA Code - 0148945P -  missing IATA number -  C-Type discount code -  B-Type discount code -  non-commissionable F-Type discount code -  non-commissionable P-Type discount code -  non-commissionable currency - GBP - IATA Code - 5765734 -  IATA Code - 0119733L - IATA Code - 0148956P -  IATA Code - 0123141G - IATA Code - 0146926L - IATA Code - 477153 -  IATA Code - 5824840 - T-Type discount code -  S-Type discount code -  D-Type discount code - G-Type discount code - U-Type discount code - non-commissionable V-Type discount code - with non-commissionable Z-Type discount code - non-commissionable currency - AUD non-commissionable currency - EUR -  non-commissionable currency - PLN -  J-Type discount code - non-commissionable IATA Code - 25769402 -  IATA Code - 0103191Q - non-commissionable IATA Code - 0165244K -  I-Type discount code, A-Type discount code -  H-Type discount code - K-Type discount code - ) 
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    These actions are NON-COMMISSIONABLE

  • 90giorni
    Tempo di elaborazione
  • 6.8M
    Utenti al mese
  • 500$
    Conto medio
  • 1.2%
  • Wide choice of vehicles
  • Easy booking
  • Convenient collect/return locations

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Condizioni aggiuntive:

Avis Budget Group reserve the right to decline any rental without explanation. Commission will not be paid for, but is not limited to, the following reasons:

1) Rentals not booked on avis.com, budget.com or budgettruck.com or through commissionable Avis Budget Group mobile applications.

2. Rentals using invalid, restricted, expired or non-commissionable voucher or coupon codes.

3. Rentals which have not been completed in full.

4. Rentals which have been cancelled, either by Avis Budget Group or the Customer.

5. Rentals originating from bookings using restricted promotional sources; further described in the promotional sources section in 8.0.

6. Rentals which are completed outside of the USA or Canada.

7. Rentals which are completed and paid with a currency other than USD or CAD.

8. Rentals without the valid IATA tracking code; 0103202Q.

9. Ancillary products, charges, taxes or fines which may be incurred with a completed rental.

10. Rentals where the booking was amended, cancelled, rebooked or changed at the rental counter.

11. Rentals where tracking information, POST headers or website tagging appear to have been tampered with, edited, or manipulated in any way.

Promotion including voucher codes not provided by Avis Budget Group for use on the Affiliate Program. Unless authorized by us, you must remove any offers, promotions, vouchers, AWD codes, BCD codes, discounts, coupons and advertisements posted on your web properties within 48 hours of notice sent by us or expiration of the offer.

At no time should you attempt to redirect traffic away from a third party Sites through installed software. This includes advertising to or redirecting a customer already on an Avis Budget Group web property. Use of cookie stuffing, link interception or falsifying orders is strictly prohibited. Use of link shortening, link cloaking or link hiding is strictly prohibited. You must not attempt to hide the URL of your Sites such that we cannot determine the source of a customer.

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  • {data} , {ora} Statistics reflection issue AvisCarRental_US,CA

    Dear partners,
    This is to notify you that we are experiencing a technical issue with reflecting the correct statistical data for this offer. We are working on bringing it back to normal and giving you the up-to-date figures for your camapign. Please, note that this is not a tracking issue and all of your conversions are tracked properly. 
    We will notify you once the issue is resolved.

  • {data} , {ora} ATTENTION! New Offer AVISCARRENTAL_US,CA

    New program AvisCarRental_US,CA has been launched

    GEOCA, US 
    CPS- 1.5 %
    The offer is available on Basic tariff by Individual request .

    Work with one of the world’s best-known car rental brands with over  5,000 rental locations worldwide.
    Join ans earn!

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