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If the same publisher gets both the first click and last click on a transaction, the advertiser only pay the last click commission.

  • 90giorni
    Tempo di elaborazione
  • 1.9M
    Utenti al mese
  • 100$
    Conto medio
  • 1.2%
  • Guaranteed payment of all approved commissions
  • Guaranteed payment of all approved and confirmed flat fee activity
  • Return Days - 30 days

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Condizioni aggiuntive:

No bidding on branded/trademarked terms ;
No bidding on derivatives of branded/trademarked terms ;
Do not use of brand name in Display URL ;
Do not use of brand name in Title & Ad Copy ;
List of prohibited keywords: “Drop”","“Massdrop”","any brand related terms in direct competition with Drop" ;

Gift Card Policies:
- No commission on the purchase/redeems a gift cards.
- No commission on the purchase/redeems an e-gift cards.

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Coupon Policies: Brand allows the use of coupon codes available to the public (i.e. coupon codes that are NOT exclusive to Adpump affiliate program)