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Airalo is the world's first and largest eSIM store with eSIM plans for 190+ countries and regions world-wide. With Airalo eSIMs, travelers can get connected the moment they land in their destination and avoid nasty data roaming charges

Mostly interested in traffic from LATAM.

NB:  in Europe email is not allowed for GDPR reasons!

FYI! CPA increase  for January

  • 60Tage
    processing time
  • 1.3M
    users monthly
  • 50$
    Average purchase size
  • 3%
  • Find & purchase global and local eSIMs from around the world.
  • Competitive commission rates.
  • Full time account management and support.
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The Affiliate must comply to follow the following program’s prohibited practice and strictly refrain from any and all of the below:

1 Use any trademark of Airalo, its Related Bodies Corporate or its Suppliers in marketing and promoting the Services, other than as approved by Airalo or its Suppliers from time to time;

2 Use cookie stuffing techniques that set the Affiliate tracking cookie without the End User’s knowledge;

3 Give any warranty or undertaking to any person in relation to the sale of the Services other than as Airalos permits from time to time;

4 Unreasonably withhold or delay any action, approval or decision which is required to refer a Service;

5 Incur any liability on behalf of Airalo or in any way pledge or purport to pledge Airalo's credit;

6 Modify or alter any of the Intellectual Property other than as allowed by these terms;

7 Engage in misleading or deceptive conduct.

8 Use any type of bidding on Airalo trademark terms through keyword bidding and other paid search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, or any other search engines, and their extended search networks. This restriction includes (but not limited to): "Airalo" and/or any misspellings or similar versions of these - be it separately or together with other keywords;

9 Use trademarks on ad texts

10 Create social media pages under the term "Airalo”

11 Use as an ad copy display URL.

12 Promote fake coupons, misleading promotions. Affiliates must only share coupons which have been provided by the Airalo Team or shared on the Affiliate Platform.

13 Bid Creating social media pages under the term "Airalo”on "trademark term" and "trademark term + term"

14 Use a domain that has Airalo trademarks in order to market as Airalo

15 Illegally attempting to obtain or illegally obtain Commission, in particular by impersonating a third party, whether actually existing or fictitious, in order to receive Commission through Airalo Affiliate Program

16 Failure to comply with these rules may result in the removal from the affiliate program and reversal of any pending commission payments.

Nachrichten des Angebots:

  • 10/04/2023 um 12:45 FYI! April campaigns from Airalo

    Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

    We are excited to announce the launch of Airalo April campaign. Travel is returning to normal, and as the weather gets warmer and days get longer, now is the perfect time to up your eSIM game with the latest promotion.

    Here's everything you need to know:

    1. New Customers Promotion: Use the code APRIL15 to offer New Customers an additional 15% discount on all Airalo eSIMs.

    2. Existing Customers Promotion: Use the code APRIL10 to offer Existing Customers an additional 10% discount on all Airalo eSIMs

    Validity Period: Until April 30, 2023


    Please be informed that Airalo_WW has changed commission terms as following:

    Online Sale (iOS/Android App): 11.5%


    Airalo's top performing markets in APAC are AU, SG, JP, KR, ID, MY, TH, IN, PH. 

    New GEOs: HK, TW, JP, KR

    Please focus on North Asia ( HK, TW, JP, KR) as these markets have recently opened up for travel.

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