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CPL: 77€.
Currency: EUR
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77 € maximum 90 days
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Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, UK


Wallester is an Estonian licensed financial institution that develops financial digital technology and issues VISA cards. 

Wallester is more than just a payment solution. It's a services that meet your needs. Wallester distinctive advantage is a unique REST API created by their in-house development team. Easily integrated with any platform, it allows you to launch your own card program in no time!

Payout Details:

  • CPL: 77 € (full boarding - company info + KYC + Identity verification + contract sign) - signing up for this free package will also count.


No cashback. Coupon/Deals Sites - if they have a B2B section.

  • 90days
    processing time
  • 375K
    users monthly
  • 199-999 per month€
    Average purchase size
  • 4%
  • Manage company’s spending in one place.
  • Free trial package available.
  • Register now and get access to Visa iban account in a day for free!
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No cashback and Coupon/Deals Sites not from B2B section!

SPAM traffic; Fraud traffic; Chat traffic; Email traffic; Incent traffic; Bot traffic; VPN/Proxy traffic; Brand bidding.

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Traffic Sources allowed: Textlinks; Display/pop/push; SEA; Social media traffic (only business-related groups/communities); Facebook / Twitter / Google / Linkedin paid Advertising