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Baglioni Hotels & Resorts offers a collection of eight luxury properties in Italy, London, and the Maldives. This includes City Hotels in Rome, Florence, Venice, and London, along with Resorts in Puglia, Sardinia, and the Maldives.

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  • 5 city hotels & 3 resorts in Italy, London, and the Maldives
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  • 29/02/2024, 11:18 New promotiion for Baglionin Hotels!

    Make that dream come true for your clients, too. When booking 5 nights, we’ll treat them to their 5th night for free. Plus, they can enjoy free stays for kids & teens,** a 200 USD Resort Credit,*** and a complimentary welcome bottle of wine.****

  • 29/09/2023, 16:44 ATTENTION! New Offer Baglioni Hotels & Resorts_WW is launched!

    The offer Baglioni Hotels & Resorts_WW has been launched.

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    Online Booking - 3%

    Work with a chain of eight luxury properties in Italy, London, and the Maldives
    The offer is available on Basic tariff by Individual request.


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