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Our mission statement: to inspire a nation of ‘prouders’ – customers who are proud of the experiences they book through us and partners who are proud to work with us.

We offer our customers the best ways to make the most of their free time: amazing deals on hotels, city breaks, flights, holidays for everyone.

Payout details:

1) flights with insurance/flexifare and voucher; flights / trains; flights with insurance/flexifare - 0.77 % of order sale amount

2) train + hotel; flight + hotel with insurance/transfer; flight + hotel; flight + hotel with insurance/transfer and voucher; flight + hotel with voucher - 1.54 % of order sale amount

3) hotel with voucher; hotel; Top Secret Hotel; Top Secret Hotel with voucher; hotel with insurance and voucher - 3.08 % of order sale amount

4) Gift Card - 3.85 % of order sale amount

Indicated processing time is the longest possible time for actions to receive their final status, however most actions can be accepted/rejected as early as within 2 months after they are tracked.

  • 365days
    processing time
  • 9.6M
    users monthly
  • 200£
    Average purchase size
  • 1.2%
  • Hotels, flights, train tickets - everything on one site
  • Plan your holidays with us
  • We make travelling easier
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Affiliates shall not:

Apply or bid in any search, referral or advertising service on any Restricted Names
Apply or bid for any terms, words or phrases that are similar to any Restricted Names (including but not limited to possible misspellings, abbreviations, terms which are identical to Restricted Name but use the wrong case, or that merge Restricted Names with other words, terms or phrases);or
Apply or bid for any terms, words or phrases that incorporate (wholly or partly) Restricted Names or those similar terms, words or phrases; or
On any ‘pay-per-click’, sponsored link or any similar scheme available on any Internet search engines (‘Pay for Search Schemes’) for any reason website. This prohibition includes but is not limited to those Pay for Search Schemes available through Google, Espotting, Overture and Mirago.

Restricted Names includes all LMnext UK Ltd trademarks including but not necessarily limited to would “”, “lastminute”, “Lastminute”, “last”, “lastmin”, “”, “last minute com”, “lastminute com”, “lastmin com”.

Top Secret Trademark is ensuring all promotional material of the ‘Top Secret’ brand is protected by the registered trademark.

In order to protect the brand, it is important to allocate the registered trademark to ‘Top Secret’ every time it is used in any creative or featured text on all affiliate websites & communications sent out by the all affiliates.

Both ‘Top’ & ‘Secret’ must be spelt in upper case with ‘T’ & ‘S’, and the products which follow must also be in uppercase, i.e. Hotels, Theatre Seats or Restaurants.

Please see below the correct format for the Top Secret brand:

Top Secret® Hotels
Top Secret® Restaurants
Top Secret® Theatre Seats
Please amend any communications which do not comply with the above guidelines.
Vouchercode T&Cs: Affiliates are not allowed to promote promotions via search campaigns across any category.

Offer news:

  • 09/04/2024, 17:05 LASTMINUTE_UK comission increased

    0.77- 4.62 % in GBP (£)

    Dates: 10/04/24 - 11/05/24

  • 16/11/2023, 11:07 LASTMINUTE_UK is live!

    New offer LASTMINUTE_UK has been launched!

    GEO - UK

    CPS - 

    The offer is available on Basic tariff by Individual request.


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