Nine West_AU_NZ
Id de la oferta: 14768
Objetivo Pago Procesando PostClick Porcentaje de aceptación
Paid order
Default Payout: 4.6% of order sale amount
Moneda: USD
Id del objetivo: 21612 (Activa)
4.6 % Máximo 60 days
30 days Sin datos

Geo localización:

Australia, Nueva Zelanda


The Nine West takes you to a fabulous haven of women’s shoes, handbags and accessories. Whether making a statement at work or turning heads on a night out, Nine West offers customers the confidence they need.

  • 60días
  • 300K
    Usuarios al mes
  • 270$
    Cesta media
  • 3%
  • Easy ships and returns
  • Annual Revenue - $200.0M
  • Click your heels !

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Condiciones adicionales:

Affiliate are not allowed to place ads on Amazon;
Where the Affiliates offers cashback, cashback to customers must not exceed the payout specified in the Insertion Order.

Noticias de oferta:

  • 31/01/2023, 14:08 FYI! New Promo from Nine West Australia

    Check out the latest banners available to you to promote the Nine West Australia campaign. 

    Please remove the old and update your website with the new banners. 

  • 29/08/2022, 14:56 Delays in displaying the statistics


    At the moment, we have delays in displaying the statistics due to technical problems.

    Everything will be fixed, and the statistics will be fully loaded in the nearest future.

  • 16/05/2022, 18:28 FYI ! New offer from the distributor of women’s shoes, handbags and accessories - Nine West Australia

    New program NINE WEST AUSTRALIA_AU_NZ has been launched.

    GEO: Australia, New Zealand

    Paid order:  4.6 %

    The offer is available on Basic tariff by Individual request.

    Come and get it!

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