Id de la oferta: 15522
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Online Sale
Online Sale: 6.9%
Moneda: USD
Id del objetivo: 22525 (Activa)
6.9 % Máximo 60 days
30 days Sin datos

Geo localización:

Australia, Canadá, Reino Unido, Estados Unidos


Rosewe is a fashion brand that offers the best styling experience of the latest fashion trends.

The prohibited traffic types are Search, Brand search, Pop-up ads, Clickunder/Popunder, Browser extensions and toolbars, Retargeting.

  • 60días
  • 1.9M
    Usuarios al mes
  • 100$
    Cesta media
  • 1.2%
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Easy Return
  • Competitive commission rates

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Condiciones adicionales:

1. Denied traffic types: PopUp / ClickUnder, Adult traffic, Brand ads/bidding, Toolbar, Doorways, Spam email.
2. Any misleading banners, texts or any other misleading content are seriously not allowed.
3. Advertiser does NOT allow media partner to fire their tracking pixel when the consumer action is completed.

Fuentes de tráfico recomendadas:

Loyalty/Rewards, Network, Deal/Coupons, Social Influencer, Media Arbitrage, Content/Reviews, Commerce Solution, Cross Audience Monetization

Noticias de oferta:

  • 16/05/2023, 16:22 FYI! RoseWe is back on track!

    Please be informed that RoseWe has been restarted. 

    From now on offer ID: 13456 is inactive. 

    Redirect your traffic to offer ID: 15522 

    Current coupons are now available in the offer.