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New Customer - 12.3% Existing Customer - 6.2% CPA per services paid by the customer
Devise: EUR
Identifiant de l'objectif: 19959 (Active)
6.2-12.3 % maximum 70 days
30 days 65.31%

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Belgique , Danemark , France , Allemagne , Pays-Bas , Pologne , Portugal , Espagne , Suède , Royaume-Uni


Dokteronline believes in ‘power to the patient’: the patient’s freedom to make considered choices, in consultation with EU doctors, about their own body and the treatment it receives. To make this happen, the platform connects doctors, patients and pharmacies through online doctor’s consultations. An EU-registered doctor assesses the patient’s health questionnaire and, if necessary, issues a prescription. The prescription is then sent to one of our affiliated pharmacies in Europe for dispense and dispatch. From there, the requested treatment is delivered to the patient’s doorstep. 
Our benefits:
- An extensive range of promotional materials.
- A unique service that is high in demand.
- Monthly commission payment.

  • 70jours
    Délai de traitement
  • 770K
    Usagers chaque mois
  • 100€
    Montant moyen d'achat
  • 1.2%
  • Read all about your health
  • Consult a doctor online
  • Get the medicine you need delivered

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  • 24/07/2023 à 17:56 Statistics reflection issue Dokteronline_EU

    Dear partners,
    This is to notify you that we are experiencing a technical issue with reflecting the correct statistical data for this offer. We are working on bringing it back to normal and giving you the up-to-date figures for your camapign. Please, note that this is not a tracking issue and all of your conversions are tracked properly. 
    We will notify you once the issue is resolved.

  • 21/05/2020 à 16:49 Attention! Dokteronline_EU Live Now!

    New program has been launched: Dokteronline_EU.

    GEO - EU countries (DK, DE, UK, PT, SE, NL, FR, PL)

    CPA - 6.2-12.3% (depending on kind of service provided)

    The offer is available on Basic tariff by Individual request.

    Join & earn!

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