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The Phoenix is the world's first home-use technology product for men's sexual health. Powered by clinically-proven soundwaves, the technology targets the root cause of most sexual health concerns experience, by restoring and improving blood flow.

NB: Affiliate is a great match if they're active in the health or men's health space.

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  • The Phoenix is the very first home-use acoustic wave technology device.
  • The Phoenix is revolutionizing men's sexual health and performance.
  • 55,089 men now use at home.

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Examples of prohibited representations:
- Representing that the Phoenix / Li-ESWT improves blood flow.
- Representing that the Phoenix / Li-ESWT eliminates plaque in existing vessels.
- Representing that the Phoenix / Li-ESWT encourages the growth of new, healthy blood vessels.
- Representing that the Phoenix / Li-ESWT is better than pills, injections, and other treatments.
- Displaying or linking any quotes or information from third parties that includes the above or similar representations.
- Using the term “erection” with respect to the Phoenix / Li-ESWT or its use.
- Representing that the Phoenix / Li-ESWT is FDA approved, endorsed, recommended or compliant.
- Representing that the Phoenix / Li-ESWT cures, prevents, diagnoses, or reverses erectile disfunction (or “ED”), Peyronie’s Disease, or any other disease or medical condition.
- Representing that the Phoenix / Li-ESWT is risk-free or has no side effects.

The following examples are permitted representations:
- Men who use The Phoenix enjoy better sex.
- The Phoenix improves bedroom performance, makes getting it up easier, etc.
- The Phoenix is patented.
- The Phoenix produces a hybrid of focused and radial waves (patent pending).
- Many doctors and experts use or recommend The Phoenix.
- Sexual health naturally declines as men get older. The Phoenix helps prevent decline and
restore sexual performance, using clinical-strength Li-ESWT at home for the first time.
- Explaining how the technology works accurately, such as the following description:
o Li-ESWT uses powerful, targeted soundwaves to create a physiological change in
the body.
o This is the same technology used during lithotripsy, to break up kidney stones, but
at a much gentler level.
o Wealthy men have been using this technology for a decade to keep their manhood
at 100% and avoid the natural decline that happens with age.
o Now you can get the same results at home, for a fraction of the cost.

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