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Online Sale
Online Sale (depends on the product category. See the offer description): 1.5-4.6%
Νόμισμα: USD
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1.5-4.6 % μέγιστο όριο 40 days
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Intermix is a women's fashion brand with an aesthetic that is elevated, cool, feminine and trend-driven, displaying a highly-curated mix of designers and products.

Payout Details

1. Item Category is Sale - 1.5% of item sale amount;

2. Item Category is designer-exclusive-for-intermix - 4.6% of item sale amount;

3. All Other - 3% of item sale amount;

4. List for Order Promo Code is WB22 CS Coupon Codes - 0% of item sale amount;

5. List for Order Promo Code is Employee Codes, December 2021 Codes (RSE), PL10 - April 2022 - 0% of item sale amount.

  • 40ημέρες
    processing time
  • 1.6M
    users monthly
  • 75$
    Average purchase size
  • 2.5%
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Regular promotions and sales
  • Full time account management and support
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b. Affiliates may NOT advertise coupon codes obtained from any non-Affiliate marketing channel, including coupon
codes from our email, paid search or any other non-Affiliate advertising campaigns.
c. Coupons must be displayed in their entirety with the full offer, restrictions, valid expiration date and code.
d. Affiliates may NOT give the appearance that any ongoing offer requires clicking from your site in order to redeem. For
example, if all items on the Gap Inc. Site have free shipping over $50, you may not turn this into an offer that infers
that the customer must click from your site to get this deal.
e. Affiliates may use loyalty programs (i.e., programs through which you provide rewards or other incentives to thirdparty members to promote the Gap Inc. Sites ("Loyalty Programs")).
f. Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms is permitted following these general guidelines:
1. You ARE allowed to promote offers to your own lists; more specifically, you’re welcome to use your Affiliate Links on your own Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages. For example: You may post, “25% off sale at Gap through Wednesday with code XXX. Restrictions apply. Ends XX/XX.”
2. You ARE PROHIBITED from posting your Affiliate Links on any of Gap Inc.’s brand Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. company pages in an attempt to turn those Links into Affiliate sales.
3. You ARE PROHIBITED from running Facebook ads that include use of the Gap Inc. company name or any Gap Inc. Mark.
4. You ARE PROHIBITED from creating a social media account that includes the use of the Gap Inc. company name or any Gap Inc. Mark.
5. You ARE PROHIBITED from tagging Gap Inc. brands to your social posts to show up on Gap Inc. brand walls/pages.

Ειδήσεις του Offer:

  • 27/10/2022 σε 10:54 FYI! INTERMIX - New Images Available!

    New Images Available Oct 26, 2022 21:00 – Nov 26, 2022 21:00. Please see offer description.

    Campaign Details:

    Shop the latest arrivals from your favorite designers at INTERMIX.

  • 30/08/2022 σε 16:51 FYI ! New offer from a well-known a women's fashion brand – Intermix.

    New program Intermix_WW has been launched.

    Payout: 1.5-4.6%

    GEO: worldwide

    The offer is available on Basic tariff by Individual request.

    Come and get it!

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