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Momondo is a free and inspirational global travel search site that compares prices on flights, hotels and car hire. We serve travellers across more than 30 markets globally, and offer a bold and colourful travel universe that provides complete price transparency across flights, hotels and cars, inspiring – and enabling – everyone to explore our wonderful world. We come highly recommended by the good people of The Telegraph, The Sun, Times and The Financial Times (to name but a few). We are not a travel agency. We do not sell flight tickets, hotel bookings or car hire deals.. We are a price comparison and travel inspiration site with a vision of opening up the world for everyone. Momondo is managed by KAYAK, an independent subsidiary of Booking Holdings Inc.

Affiliates are paid when the user clicks out from a search result (view deal) for one of our top 3 products - hotels, flights, and cars.

Cookie length is 30 minutes and click-outs only account for post-click conversions, not for post-view conversions.

Momondo do not pay out commission on:

1. Error fare traffic
2. Traffic over 500 clicks with booking conversion below 1% per calendar day
3. More than 5 click-outs from one user for each search within a session
4. Any transaction that occurs more than 30 mins after the user is redirected to momondo
5. Clicks resulting from users being redirected to momondo with incorrect tracking (where the programme ID passed on tracking does not match the domain locale. Global programmes are the only exception)

Note that affiliates are not allowed to use ad links (e.g. from google search or other momondo ads) but strictly links taken from the momondo website. 

Attention! The number of leads doubles due to technical issues with the advertiser, therefore the rejection rate reflected in the offer is not reliable.

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Cookie length is 30 minutes and click outs only account for post-click conversions, not for post-view conversions.

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